Dental Bonding – Restore and Strengthen Your Smile

Dental bonding – also known as teeth bonding – is a dental solution for broken or chipped teeth. It’s easy to chip a tooth by accident while eating or drinking. Dental bonding can help strengthen the teeth to prevent any further damage.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that consists of a tooth-colored artificial resin that restores the damaged teeth. If you have chipped or damaged teeth, discoloration, or gaps in the teeth, dental bonding may be the right solution for you. Dental bonding is a quick and pain-free procedure that will give you a natural-looking smile.

Who is Dental Bonding For?

Dental bonding is a discreet dental procedure that can fix a number of dental issues. Dental bonding can fix:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Tooth decay or rotting
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Improve teeth structure and shape of the teeth

If your teeth are more severely damaged, then you may require a dental implant instead. Our dentist can advise you on the best restoration solution.

What Is The Dental Bonding Procedure?

Dental bonding is a straightforward and quick procedure that generally takes under an hour to complete. Our dentist may recommend a surgical procedure if the tooth damage is close to the nerve.

At your first appointment, we’ll evaluate the condition of your teeth to determine whether dental bonding is right for you. If so, our dentist will then select a resin color for the composite that best matches your natural teeth.

To prepare your teeth for the bonding, our dentist will create a rough surface on the teeth so that the resin can adhere firmly.

Our dentist will then apply the resin and mold it to the teeth to repair any damage. They will then cure and harden the resin using a UV light.

Our dentist will complete the procedure by making any final touches to the teeth for that all-natural look. The entire procedure should only take between 30-60 minutes.

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